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If we are one- all wars are losses.

If we are one- all wars are losses.

— 5 months ago

It’s 4:30 am, and I’m halfway into my 24hr art opening - I love that I’m lying on a sidewalk, listening to the sidewalk show go by. I love how awkward I feel most of the time- every time my art stuff happens. Learned a lot- appreciating even more.
I Love Oakland, for her real, for her family.
Maybe I don’t want the sun to rise too quickly this night.
The sidewalk is our ground.

— 5 months ago

Waited all week to do some facebookin’- to no avail. Haha- thank goodness for IG.

— 6 months ago
Saigon- beautiful and always changing….I wish I understood her better. Time tells- time heals.

Saigon- beautiful and always changing….I wish I understood her better. Time tells- time heals.

— 6 months ago

We look for that connection.
A safe place to be ourselves
And out.
The why of it all.

Feelings, too difficult to describe
The words that seem, to not fit.

Maybe it’s just bad timing.
A missed connection
between heart’s pace,
and the tune of survival.
An ill timed pairing of minds’ eye, and the inherited vision.

So we wait, still.

— 7 months ago with 1 note

a collage I created about one year ago, sorting through some dark memories- looking for light.
I wrote the accompanying words- prompted by the collector. I am grateful this work has gone to the thoughtful home of a local community organizer. peace:)

Detail at left, and on display at Actual Cafe curated by Patanisha Williams.

— 8 months ago

Humanity has fought for resources and survival pushed us to all corners of the globe. We have been highly shaped by a series of dominant brutal histories.
She knows she is the bearer of the collateral. The peacock reigns, picking its teeth with the bones of her soul.
I have placed her at the center of a map of “the physical and political world”. She is at the helm of all that is- however not yet free from a system so accustomed to, that she may not know her own power. The cycle of civilizations growing and expanding, thru scarcity, violence and war seems to be a near universal experience thus far. But she knows now is the time- a luxury afforded by unparalleled connection and information- a luxury afforded by deep sacrifice. An opportunity for change, for healing. A time to finally feed all her sisters’ children, to learn beyond her fear. To teach beyond her history. To finally know her own power, and put the souls she bears ahead of the machine.

— 8 months ago
Oakland 11.20.13

The earth cried us a river
The sky heaved and exhaled

The streets will smell new again
After this


I will thank the sun twice- for her beautiful colors.
— 11 months ago

It wasn’t all wrong
tho not quite right.
So in an envelope
She slept it off
And started again,

— 1 year ago